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Project Details

„Let’s print the future’s airplane“

….or How we bring additive manufacturing closer to a broad application in the aerospace industry.

To improve aircraft resource-efficiency and to decrease fuel consumption and CO2 emissions innovative solutions with superior mechanical properties for advanced structures are in development. Ti6Al4V alloys, due to a high strength-to-weight ratio compared to steel or aluminium can keep the structural weight and size ratio low. However, lightweight construction with this alloy is currently only possible with conventional techniques as CNC machining, casting that lead to a high proportion of raw material removal. This is not cost-efficient and works with a high ecological footprint.

Contents and work plan of the 3TANIUM project

The main objective of the 3TANIUM is the establishment of NDT methods that are capable to provide the secure detection of process related critical flaws and defects and to understand their effects on material and mechanical properties in Ti6A l4V AM parts. The overall aim of the proposed 3TANIUM project is the quantitative assessment of the applicability of NDT methods applied on appropriately and innovatively post-treated (heat- and surface-treated) AM parts in order to realize benefits offered by AM in the aeronautical industry. Therefore, evaluation of reliable Non-Destructive Testing and Analysis (NDT/NDA) techniques for precisely and securely assessing eventual defects and their criticality in AM parts will be performed.