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3TANIUM decided to edit a newsletter for the duration of the project with latest information on project progress, media and social media contributions, conferences, workshops. Now you also have the opportunity to follow us: please subscribe to our newsletter and you will receive all information related to the project. It will also facilitate for the community to get easily in touch with us for any possible future together work.

Project progress

30. July 2020: Positive evaluation of project proposal

August – November 2020: negotiations between Topic Manager – CS2 JU – CEST (Coordinator)

01. December 2020: Signature of Grant Agreement

01. January 2021: Start of project

20. January 2021: Kick-off meeting (Teams conference call due COVID-19 restrictions)

Ongoing: WP1, set-up of test and characterization matrix

Presentation of 3TANIUM at „Guten Morgen Take-Off“