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Coordination of H2020 CleanSky2 projects


The main objective of the GRAPHICING project is to ensure sufficient electrical and thermal conductivity, fire retardancy and water impermeability of the resulting polymer composite with minimized GRM additions. Properties of composites can further be optimized by adapting the appropriate composition of GRMs, by optimizing their covalent modification and ion doping. Expected primary impact is the availability of advanced multifunctional materials for more competitive aircraft components with higher integration capability and lower weight resulting in less fuel consumption and less CO2 emission.

Project leader: Dr. Peter Velicsanyi

Cr Free REAL

The general objective of the Cr Free REAL project is to develop and test a suitable REACH compliant Cr(VI)-free process for removal of anodic layers. The oxide layers to be removed are deposited either by new Cr(VI)-free alternative processes (SAA, Cr(III) chemical conversion) or by current Cr(VI) containing processes (CAA and Alodine). The oxide stripping process to be developed shall be able to completely and uniformly remove the oxide layers, without deteriorating the aluminium alloy substrate and its properties. 

Project Leader: Dr. Carmen Ioana Vladu